Wolverine Drilling Inc. has a 'Grassroots' Start

Growing up in Humboldt, Saskatchewan and raised in the rural area, traveling daily the grid roads of the Wolverine RM, south of Humboldt. When looking for a name for a company we choose a name that meant something to us. Our name does not start with the first letters in the alphabet which would give us an alphabetically high standing in the phone book. We rely on our name being synonymous for the quality materialsprofessional excellence and top-notch performance.  As we continue to build our brand, time will clearly show that Wolverine Drilling Inc.'s water well are like no other.  We have been in the drilling Industry for 15+ years and intend to stay the company of choice for our clients and prospective clients. 

Water Well Drilling Contractor Saskatchewan

Water Well Drilling Contractor Saskatchewan

We understand the need for affordable, reliable water wells. We drill small diameter and large diameter water wells in Saskatchewan. We price our drilling competitively, often in the lower end of the market with out hidden charges.  Price information is shared upfront both written and verbal, we personally hate surprises. 

We enjoy drilling residential wells. Typical water well can range in price and depend on what the client needs.  All wells and water systems are customized for each site.  Municipal water well projectsare also gratifying because many people will rely on the water supply.  

Our drilling completion is provincial. Drillers are not unionized workers, so each drilling company operates differently: they may utilize different standards for materials, differentiated drill practices, different standards for charging, different operational minimums, and differences in warranties do exist. It can be very hard for clients to make cross comparisons because there are many variables to consider. 

Fluid Recycling is a factor to consider when choosing a driller. It is a method of managing drilling fluid this is utilized in other areas like Alberta and often in the USA, we are the first company (that I have heard about) to utilize it as we have in Saskatchewan and on a regular basis. It is costly for drillers to purchase the equipment and beneficial for clients. We do not charge extra, it is part of our regular process. 

Peak drilling can be as early as April through to November. There are often some seasonal differences.

Pay It Forward



* Edmonton Stollery Children's Hospital - Neonatal Intensive Care / Pediatric Intentive Care
* Saskatoon's Royal University Hospital  - Neonatal Intensive Care

We donate 50 plus handmade NICU, hypoallergenic quilts each year.  We complete with private messages for each quilt and in a variety of modern stripe patterns.  Each is unique and special. In 2013 year we added Humboldt Hospital to our list of quilt recipients.


We understand the helpless feeling parents have when they walk into the NICU/PICU with so little they can do except to listen to staff, tend to blankets and tuck sheets.  We understand the emotional ride a parent takes when their child is in the NICU or PICU.  It can be the saddest place on earth.  We believe it is important to take a negative, turn it into a positive and Pay It Forward.


2012 - Drilling season we sent 50 quilts

2013 - Drilling season we sent 103 quilts.

2014 - Drilling season we sent 50 quilts.

2015 - Sent 50 quilts.

2016 - 50 quits sent

2017 - Sent 35 to date and we have more in the works to meet the 50 quilt average.




Wolverine Drilling Inc. will consider contributing to the communty and municipality with our services or through the use of equipment. 

Revenue Share Application Process: 
1) Apply via email to info@wolverinedrillinginc.com.  

2) Please outline what has been done to date and how revenue sharing can help with the project. 

3) Explain how the community is working together and explain how advertising will be done. 


Reputable and Experienced Water Well Drilling Contractor in Saskatchewan

Reputable and Experienced Water Well Drilling Contractor in Saskatchewan

Our actions speak louder than words, ask other what they do?

Working With Us


What To Expect When You Partner With Us



This process often begins with information gathering. We discuss findings and share the information with you. Transparency is KEY!

Registered Water Well Drilling Contractor in Saskatchewan

Registered Water Well Drilling Contractor in Saskatchewan


The drilling process starts with site location and underground line locations before the rig arrives on site. This might mean you have to contact the previous owners to discuss underground lines, septic fields, etc.

Please go to https://www.sask1stcall.com/ for more information.


This process involves the site location of the well and ensuring that the site is free of contamination, flooding, sewer lines, power lines, etc. By this time we have a good understanding of the aquifer(s) and have a good idea of the depths that need to be reached.

We drill with the intent of a full functioning well at a depth that was to be deemed appropriate. When we reach the max pre-arranged depth and have not reached a producing seam, we attempt the next viable seam or aquifer as per our discussions. We will check each available seam and choose the first seam or aquifer that produces water and then install casing and screens.


  • If, in the unlikely chance ground water is not available, then it costs us money not you. You are only responsible for the test hole cost and mileage. The reamed hole cost is not billed to you, and materials are pulled (casing and screens).

  • After production and the well is deemed be producing, we pack screen wall, we grout the outside with a water tight material to reduce contamination, clean the well of all foreign substances then we install pitless adapter, water lines (if necessary), surface casing (if necessary), and water treatment (if necessary).

  • All employees have a clean criminal record.

Traditionally when casing is installed, it is a well... working or not it is billed as a completed water well.

  • This practice is not supported by us.

  • For these reasons we have to be very careful when choosing to acquire jobs, we drill with the intention of a water well and not in the business of drilling test holes. Strangely with some companies, the third test hold is often lucky...

Water Well Drilling Contractor in Saskatchewan

Water Well Drilling Contractor in Saskatchewan


We use several methods to develop a well including jetting, surging, backwashing, and over pumping. The final step in well completion is thoroughly cleaning all foreign substances from the well. Usually, disinfecting is accomplished with a chlorine solution, as it is inexpensive, simple, and effective. The concentration of chlorine to be used is based on the volume of water in the well. A pump is installed and gallon(s) per minute are determined. Then, water samples are taken and sent for testing.


In this phase, we install well cribbing, water lines and electrical wire from the well trenched to the house. We'll install a pressure pump, manifold, and pitless adapter. Optionally a hydrant will be installed.


After water testing is completed by another outside agency, a water system may be recommended by the outside agency. We install water systems and help you to understand how it works and what maintenance it needs.

Our commitment to you is that we will guide you through each step of the process.


We are familiar with the aquifer systems of Saskatchewan and have been drilling for over 15 years, with huge client support.


What We Do Best:

  • Research, Research and more Research.

  • Quick call backs - We are able to communicate in a variety of methods.

  • Family Centered - We support Saskatchewan families...

  • Service - Our service is second to none. We take on fewer jobs than the larger companies. Staff fewer work hands, and pass the cost savings onto clients in the highest service, workmanship and best materials.

  • We keep small lots clean from drilling mud (when possible), we have processes in place that has us stand out from others.

  • Test holes

  • Drill shallow wells

  • Drill deep wells

  • Small diameter wells

  • Large diameter wells

  • Equipped for electronic logging

  • Longer well production time than others

  • Drill using a fluid recycling system (which cuts down on the sand and silt cycling back into the aquifer)

  • 24+ hour pump test

  • Install casing

  • Install pump

  • Hoses

  • Surface cribbing

  • Water treatment (if necessary)

  • Equipped for trenching (if necessary) we are prepared and willing to work with local contractors.

  • Customize installations for farm, ranch, or domestic needs.

Wolverine Drilling Inc. uses the highest quality materials, approved methods and current relevant practices for the longevity of the well.  Contact us directly at 306-682-4647 to discuss your options for a reliable water source to serve generations to come.  

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Bundles include: 

  • Water Well

  • Complete Pump Kits

  • Well Hook Up

  • Pump kits offered at reduced prices